DongGuan Naser Machinery Co., Ltd

Date: 21st September 2016
Square Cooling Tower
1. Attractive appearanceWith modularity design and flexible arrangement, the cooling tower has the advantages of low-height, lightweight, bright-colored and good coordination for construction etc.2. Light-weight and high-strengthThe body of cooling tower is made of high-strength FRP compound materials, which is featured with corrosion-resisting, mature-resisting durable and anti-fading.3. Reliable constructionFrame components are painted and anticorrosive treated galvanized steel frame structure, a reasonable and reliable design, which can stands against Richter scale 8 earthquake and hurricane(force twelve Typhoon)attacking. The wind-load of which is more than 70K/m2 and the snow-load is more than 20kN/m2.4. The minimal noiseEquipped with low-noise special purpose fan, motor and unique sound-proofing technique, the noise-index takes leader place in the industry.5. Economical advantageDue to the advanced and reasonable design, the goods saves about 30% of the electric-energy consumption greatly save the cost and running expenditure.6. Good nature for environment protectionAdopting the latest efficient water eliminator. The drift-loss is less than 0.001% and Effect the environment slightly as well.