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Date: 20th September 2016
Oil Mould Temperature Controller
Oil Mold Temperature Controller Machine?1, PID adopted to control the temperature. Controlling error within ?01?C.Keeping long time constant temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.2, Six protective measures: alarm for Thermos- couple open circuit, phase fault protect, pump protect, overheat protect, oil shortage protect.3, Dual digital display shows the actual temperature and the seat temperature.4, Microcomputer chip control panel with light-touch switch to start the machine with one pressVisual and easy to operate, easy to maintain5, Stainless steel tank without leakage and durable6, Circumferential type is able to recollect the Hermaphroditus oil easily and rapidly7, Exquisite appearance and small in sizeApplication:Reaction kettles, extrusion forming equipment, rubber forming machinery, cast film production lines, cable extrusion production lines, the dies for precise plastic molding, the dies for the compression casting of magnesium/aluminum/zinc alloy, roller pressing applied in rubber/plastic and leather industries, crude oil heating of the oil sinks on tank ships, paper making industry, bottle blowing, and so on.?This Mold Temperature Control System has been designed to maintain a constant temperature, using water or oil as medium. Mold temperature controller is used to control temperature in various industrial fields.