DongGuan Naser Machinery Co., Ltd

Date: 21st September 2016
Medium Speed Crusher
1. Fully airtight silent designed,Website:, noise below 80db without 1m away from the machine, avoids powder contamination;2. Elegant designed with options available;3. Installed with heat transmitting system, expel heat generated from the electric motor,protection and safety without any problem for long hours operation;4. Stainless steel material storage tank easy for cleaning and remove, stainless steel suction spout available upon require;5. Installed with safety protection system and CE authenticated electrical appliancesmeeting the European safety standard;6. Installed with electrical phase controller and power insulator, safety operation and simple maintenance;7. Installed with power insulator, safety operation and simple maintenance;8. Movable stainless steel mufti-positional tray feed and closed for complete soundproof operation.